dear friends,

we’re fine, i’m calmer, so don’t worry. after some reasoning, i believe people in shanghai are more well informed than in other more rural places, not to mention simply too busy to be making any riots. and my window view of the beach themed carrefour assures me it is still in the same place.
i’ve read that the government has finally taken some action by enforcing restrictions to stop the access to sites that instigate riots and boycotts, as well as blocking sms that have sensible content.

how naive of them to let this anti-western sentiment spread this far on the eve of the olympic games (when thousands of foreigners are expected in china) and especially knowing that they went through a very similar situation with anti-japanese protests not so long ago.

4 comments to “dear friends,”

  • vera says:

    ainda bem que estão melhor consigo compreender o receio mas há-de correr tudo bem. :)

  • John B says:

    I’d tend to agree that Shanghainese are less likely to riot about something this silly, though the anti-Japanese protests in 2005 got pretty darn big here.

    Given the number of Chinese workers that Carrefour employs, boycotting it is just shooting China in the foot.

  • a chinese student from shanghai says:

    naive??!! some actions from some countries totally insulted the sovereign rights of our country. we just spread our discontented opinions on it by boycotting the carrefour!!. chinese people still welcome the foreigners from all of the world to join the oplympics. olyjpics is nothing to do with the politics after all

  • ana says:

    “chinese people still welcome the foreigners from all of the world to join the oplympics”
    by hurting an innocent american bystander, you are spreading the exact opposite message.

    boycotting is silly and leads to nowhere, but if you stop a minute and think about where 90% of the products in chinese’s carrefours come from, which people work there, to who carrefours in china pay their taxes… you might actually be surprised to discover who you are boycotting.

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