the most important meal

breakfast was delicious

every country has its particulars about coffee. singapore coffee? it is different.

the clear coffee mugs of the hawker centers are lined up in shelves, ready to be used. when you look at them you can see a thick white layer sitting on the bottom of the mugs. so we walk up to one of the vendors and say we want some coffee. a chinese lady fetches a couple of these mugs, pours hot coffee on them and hands them over. the white layer persists, mysteriously. we stir our spoon around, until it solves, making the coffee slightly lighter in color. as it turns out, the white layer is condensed milk (i can see my mother grinning in shock, mentally calculating the calories in that) and the coffee is sweet. sounds strange, but it’s not that bad actually, and when in rome…

besides, we found some amazing coconut filled pancakes that go just great with it!

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  • Nathalie says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, coconut filled pancakes. And coffee, not chocolate as it looks…

  • Rita says:

    You should try tea withcondensed milk, now that’s goodness. I’m not a big fan of coffee, but those coconut filled pancakes look good :)

  • auntielucia says:

    Hi Ana:
    Just chanced on yr blog. Many entries resonated with me, esp yr pix of yr home in SHG! The wedding pix is very symbolic: the two giants of Asia uniting in matrimony.

    The yellow/brownish nail polish on the women/men in Malaysia is henna, I think, a vegetable dye.

    Oh yes, where did u get the coconut pancakes in S’pore? They look yummy..


  • ana says:

    Thanks for taking the time to read!

    I didn’t think the nail polish would be henna, now that is interesting. I thought henna would be used more for tattoos, but I guess it makes sense. We bought the coconut pancakes in a hawker center in Ang Mo Kio. They had several flavours, we tried cheese, coconut and peanut, but the coconut was the best :)

    You have a great blog too, I wish I had found about it earlier (before going to Singapore), some of your food tips look really yummy!

  • Pedro Rebelo says:

    These ones I would like to try one day…

  • foto format | says:

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