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stationery sets

lately, i’ve been obsessing over stationery. all kinds of small envelopes, writing tools, letter sets, stickers, postcards… i love them, i just can’t stop myself! i found a nice shop on fuzhou road called keyroad (very close to dunkin’ donuts) that is filled with korean goodness, and well, disaster ensued. some of the stuff in the picture is actually for a swap but the rest is just sitting here, waiting for an excuse to write a letter :)

speaking of recent korean discoveries, when browsing for video podcasts on itunes store, i found maangchi who makes cooking traditional korean food look fun! in small funny episodes, she will make you a master of kimchi or bibimbap. i can’t wait to try the egg side dishes, simple and yummy!

5 comments to “small obsessions”

  • Nathalie says:

    I watched the video about egg side dishes, they look super-easy and very tasty… but first, I had almost tears to hear this cute chinese accent in english that I hadn’t heard since groningen, it reminded me of good friends far far away… Second, she’s using FISH SAUCE !!! So you can actually cook with it, it’s not only to frighten or intoxicate your neighbours ??? Good to know :)

  • ana says:

    i know! she sounds so cute with her accent, it’s irresistible! :)

    about the fish sauce… hum, maybe i’ll skip that for now…

  • joui says:

    paper, pens and stickers.
    i’m a sucker for stationery too :D

  • Claudia says:

    nem imaginas como este site vai ser um belissimo desbloqueador de conversas (trabalho com coreanos)!

  • Prêt à Voyager says:

    fun stationery is always a great excuse to send good ole fashioned snail mail!


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