the ride back

ah, portugal. i’m missing your blue skies and cozy food already, but it’s good to be back to our shanghai headquarters, with two spoiled cats under our blankets.

the flights were long but thankfully uneventful, and i think i might have stumbled on the trick to flying reassurance – get the seats in front of the air hostess. they always smile to you and their air of someone who has done this a million times will do wonders for takeoff/landing stress. coincidently, they’re usually the best seats on the plane, so it’s a lovely two-in-one.

between our trip to portugal and the one back, ba changed their flight entertainment system to include many more programs that you can start/pause anytime you want. they now include tv series like dexter, the big bang theory, flight of the conchords, etc. which make a 11 hour flight much more pleasant.

also on way home, i’ve shot my first video with the neat little camera i got for xmas! it’s a tiny sony that makes me feel like the intrepid reporter i always dreamed to be :)
anyway, the video is from the maglev ride here in shanghai: a 30km stretch between the shanghai pudong airport and longyang metro station, in 7:30 at a top speed of 430km/h. it’s the fastest i ever traveled on earth, so i thought it might be fun to share!

ps – at 2:45, another maglev train crosses the one i am riding, so watch out for that. also, my editing skills are non-existent, since it’s the first time i actually “make” a video, so bear with me :)

9 comments to “the ride back”

  • Vicki says:

    Incredible train ride. I have seen a documentary on these trains but that ride was something else. Your camera skills are great. I liked how you showed us the speeds every now and then.

  • Nuno says:

    Nice video. Liked the reflection in the mirror before starting. The speed was really something else.
    Btw maybe vimeo is better on your videos than youtube (HD) :)

    Have fun recordging.

  • ana says:

    thank you both! and yes, i shall try vimeo :)

  • Sérgio Santos says:

    Thanks for the video, I had also heard about maglev trains but never felt so close to being in one. What speed, it looks like your taking off on an airplane. A nice return home ;)

  • Pedro says:

    wooowww, breathless…
    and as I was not expecting, that other maglev train scared me out!!

  • Jonathan says:

    :-) love it! I never had a chance to take that train ride, but that’s the best video I’ve seen which really shows the speed of it….and when the other train goes past, that’s awesome!

  • joaon says:

    That’s not a train ride, that’s a short-haul flight! :) Obrigado Ana, foi um prazer “viajar” contigo.

  • Lua says:

    What a fantastic ride! I want one too :)

    The other train passing by was incredible! Do you actually ‘feel’ the speed?

  • ana says:

    hum no, you don’t feel much speed, it’s not like on a plane where you’re glued to your chair with the acceleration. it’s actually quite smooth. :)

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