postcrossing in schools out there

every now and then, we get an email from a teacher thanking us postcrossing, and telling us about their own projects that use the site. it makes me super-super happy to know that somewhere out there, some kids are excited to be receiving postcards and learning about new cultures through them.

maybe some day the world will be a better place because these kids understand a bit about other cultures, can point the countries on a map and remember one or two things about them.

more about this happy class, here.

3 comments to “postcrossing in schools out there”

  • José Marques says:

    That kid looks so bad ass in that shirt :P.

  • sushi lover says:

    Que projecto espectacular para os miúdos! estou mesmo a ver a excitação cada vez que chegava um postal!!! Até fiquei comovida!

    sabes, já estive inscrita no postcrossing há uns anos (muito antes de saber que era um projecto vosso) mas fiquei um bocado desiludida com os postais que recebi, pareceram-me demasiado impessoais… mas agora apetece-me experimentar de novo!!!

    É, de qq forma, um projecto fantástico! parabéns.

  • nídio amado says:

    Muito muito fixe:)

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