roller derby!

yesterday we saw the berlin bombshells playing in a roller derby match – our first ever! i wasn’t sure i would like it, since sport events can be rather dull to watch, but i ended up having a blast! the game is fast, and the girls are so fierce!

it took me a while to grasp the idea, but by the end i was already appreciating their tactics and cunning moves. to me, it’s certainly more enjoyable to see than football or other sports played in big fields, which often have boring stretches of time when nothing happens. roller derby on the other hand has a bit of everything: action, lots of speed, cool pseudonyms, spectacular falls and girls roller skating in colorful uniforms! :D
and since “watching a sport event live” was another item on the list, it’s now 23% done! :)

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  • Michael Kwan says:

    I’m glad you had a good time. I want to see the Bombshells play so badly. I’ve been a derby fan for almost 2 years and have started volunteering to officiate locally here in Southern California. You could add “play roller derby” or “volunteer to help your local league” to the list.

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