tea swap, anyone?

organising a tea swap has been on my list forever… i really like discovering new teas, and am always on the look out for new flavours. i like almost all tastes, except maybe strong green teas… and i’m not even so sure about that, since i recently discovered that i quite like matcha. i’m definitely open to surprises!

lately i’ve been collecting them, setting some aside for the purpose of swapping. so, how’s up for some tea exchange? i’ll send you some, you send me some, everyone is happy! :) nothing fancy, just some sachets or loose tea that you like or find interesting. leave a comment below, if you’re up to it! i think i can take up to 5 people, all places full now! don’t worry, if all goes well, i’m up for a second edition!

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  • Nihan Irmak says:

    merhaba dear Ana :)

    i hope you are doing fine over there :) well, i would love to swap tea with you.. i have lots of different kinds of tea here.. do you have any preference maybe?

    for me ; i don’t like black tea, green tea or tea with cinnamon.. i mainly like herbal tea and fruit tea :)

    hope to hear from you soon.. take care!


  • ana says:

    @Nihan: hey! :D no, i like almost all kinds of tea, so please surprise me :) i’ll start putting your package together!

  • Jetske says:

    Hi Ana!

    I love trying different teas and basically I like the same teas as you do. Only strong green teas are not my favourites.
    I’m going to prepare a nice package for you this weekend! :)

    Hugs, Jetske

  • v. says:

    yes! this is a fabulous idea and i’ve been trying out all sorts of new teas since I decided to decrease my coffee intake. count me in!

  • sara (sushi lover) says:

    well, i now live in the land of tea, specially black tea. So if you like that i can join!
    i prefer herbs tea, don’t like fruit ones and hate matcha (a stain in my japanese curriculum)

    now, i’m not really trusting mail service anymore, but we can try again!

  • michelle says:

    hi, i would love to do a tea swap with you! :)

  • ilyani says:

    me me! i miss doing this :) I would request maple tea but you’re not in Canada :P but anything nice will be fine! I’m not a fan of green tea either.

  • ana says:

    yay! all of you are the best! i’ll get working on your packages, and email you individually so that we can sort out the logistics for this :)

  • Isabel Marques says:

    I’m in!! or do you already have 5 people?…

  • Lua says:

    I´d love to do it. Do you have enough people already or?

  • ana says:

    @Lua hi! for now, yes :( the swap is all full, and i’ve just sent the packages out. maybe next time?

  • ilyani says:

    i’m drinking your strawberry Pure Lust now :D thanks!! hope you have received mine as well, or if not, it might be delayed due to our Eid long holidays. take care!

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  • Sofia says:

    Olá Ana!

    Descobri há poucos dias o blog do teu namorado e meia dúzia de dias depois o teu. Parabéns pelas ideias, originalidade e todas essas coisas fabulosas que voces fazem. Dentro de dias vou enviar os meus primeiros postais e estou mortinha por receber também! Queria saber se continuas a fazer “troca de chás” e como é que posso participar. Ah, e já agora que tipo de eventos é que voces organizam relacionados com o Postcrossing.

    Beijinhos e continuem o óptimo trabalho,

  • Helena says:

    Hi Ana. I’d love to swap teas with you. I drink tea all the time of all sorts. However when visiting our Portuguese friends I prefer meia de leite! Best wishes Helena

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