dürüm döner

so, a long time ago i promised to write about the middle-eastern food from our neighbourhood… but never really got around to it. let’s give it another go, starting with the basics! one of the first things we learnt when moving to neukölln is the difference between a normal döner and a dürum döner. we had no idea what a dürüm was when we moved here, but we were quickly brought up to speed. first, some basics (do correct me if i’m wrong):

– a kebab is roasted meat, usually on a skewer.
– a döner, or döner kebab, is a ‘rotating roast’ – the thing that you see in the kebab shops with the meat hanging there.

that said, normal döners are served in pita or sandwich bread… and often a mess to eat, with stuff falling from the sides at every bite… dürüms have the same stuff inside, only wrapped in a much neater package: a thin flat bread, which is itself wrapped in foil! :D

there are lots of varieties of dürüms, from adana (above, my favourite) to beyti… but that’s for another post! :)

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  • Gigi says:

    In Paris we had a Lebanese place that did something like that. Our favourite was the one with soujouk and humus. OMG it was delicious!

  • WoAi says:

    Yes, I love the adana as well. Luckily we have a lot of Turkish restaurants in Shanghai so I can have this any time I like.

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