(another) month of letters!

tomorrow starts february, which means it’s time for another month of letters! last year i managed about 20 and ended up a bit short… but this year i plan to do better and actually complete the challenge by writing at least one piece of mail every single day.

i really like the way the world slows down when i take the time to write and think things over – which i don’t do often enough these days. it’ll also be the perfect time to catch up with all the holiday letters that have been gathering dust in my desk these past few weeks!

last time, i asked if anyone wanted a letter, and ended up writing a few aerograms and postcards to random readers, which was quite refreshing. so this year, i thought i’d ask again… would you like a letter or postcard from me? if so, feel free to leave your address on my postable! it’ll be my pleasure. :)

9 comments to “(another) month of letters!”

  • Julie says:

    Hello Ana!

    My cat Kaiser and myself would be very glad to receive a letter or postcard from you.
    Hope one or both of us will be selected on this project. hehe!


  • ana says:

    @Julie: YAY! :D I’ll pencil both of you in!

  • Sara says:

    Have I told you our new address? :-)

  • Iris says:

    I’d like something… but I feel a bit bad because I’m not able to participate this year. That said, I do have something planned that I was going to send you, which you probably know what it is anyway… I’m seriously rambling now. Basically – if you have a free day with no one to write to… me, please! :D x

  • wiwiek says:

    for sure Ana, I’ll be glad to receive a postcard or letter from you.
    hope your project in Portugal next month will be success.
    i’ll send one from Indoensia, hope it won’t be late due to the distance :)

  • Sílvia says:

    hey! conta comigo, claro. :D

  • Dailan says:

    Hey, I volunteered last year, but I didn’t get any mail.. So I’m trying again! :D

  • wiwiek says:

    Dear Ana, thank you very much for sending me a postcard from Berlin. It is a big surprise for me because I never thought that you will send it, I even do not remember that i ever gave you my address, but your postcard reached me yesterday. Thanks from Ungaran – Indonesia. :)

  • na sri says:

    Dear Ana, I would be glad to receive a letter or postcard from you. Nice project and hope it will be success.
    I’ll send one from Indonesia :)
    Thank you

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