advance care directive

this is a bit of a heavy topic and the middle of a pandemic is probably a weird time to mention it, but… have you thought of how you want to die?

these days, many countries let citizens choose in advance what kind of healthcare treatment they want to receive, in case they’re not able to decide for themselves at the time the treatment is required. it’s called an advance care directive.

in portugal, the testamento vital specifies a bunch of situations on which you can decide things in advance. perhaps you don’t want to participate in clinical trials or experimental treatments, don’t want to be reanimated, or maybe you just want to delegate these choices on someone you trust. you print this sheet of paper, fill it out and take it to a health center for it to be checked and registered. after that, it stays valid for five years and your doctors can access it along with your medical history (you get an email when they do).

we did ours some years ago, mostly because me and the boy were not married but still wanted to make sure we could decide for each other, in the worst case scenarios. i encourage you to think about it and make a plan. we’re all going to die sooner or later — better do it on our own terms.

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  • Iris says:

    I toooootally get it. I feel there’s so much in modern life that we don’t account for or discuss, and death is one of them. But I really don’t see why, because that’s one of the human things we all have in common, and that will all happen to us. I do know what I want to happen but I haven’t legalised any of it yet. We don’t have a government-planned one I don’t think. Just a lot of suggestions. I need to look into it all, but I keep putting it off. Oh dear.

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