weeknotes, 11/21

badly hand-drawn giraffe

nothing special going on this week… just this overwhelming feeling of not having enough time to do ALL! THE! THINGS! my mind wants to work overtime so that projects move faster, but it also wants to knit, draw, practice chinese, call friends and do all sorts of other stuff. sigh. some highlights:

– the relief of having 10 fingers to type again!

– the reddit crack chicken recipe. stewing chicken in cream cheese sounded weird at first, but it turned out delicious.

– this super fun drawing together class with lynda barry. behold my spotted giraffe on the right, drawn with the eyes closed — i love it!

– the discovery of this spotify playlist with ambient noise from a lidl shop. :D

– this huge swedish model of the solar system, which we shall visit some day.

– spring (and tshirt weather) is here!

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