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analogue wednesday #244

very lightly double-exposed frames from from R4R-73, mostly by me with some shades from gianni. sometimes the portuguese sun is just too strong, and nothing else shines through. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

analogue wednesday #234

two landscapes: the cubist houses of olhão on the boy’s t-shirt from joana rosa bragança, and brisbane’s skyline shot by gianni, on R4R-97.

analogue wednesday #233

my kindle is turning 10 this year, and amazingly, it still lives!

these days, it’s mostly used to catch up on instapaper articles or to read some graded readers in chinese — the dictionary is a life-saver!

from R4R-97, double-exposed with gianni.

analogue wednesday #232

a couple of double-exposed spanish-australian vertical frames, shot with gianni on R4R-97.

analogue wednesday #231

stark contrasts always work out well in double-exposures, the second exposure coming through on all those dark spots. really neat!

from R4R-97, double-exposed with gianni.