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analogue wednesday #34


featuring my youngest cousin francisco, who will turn 2 tomorrow! :)

one second every day – october 2014

and since we’re on it, might as well do october as well:

there you go! october was exciting: we visited frankfurt’s mail sorting center, did the tube challenge (twice!), spent our days with friends old and new and their babies… really, if this isn’t nice, what is?

mother’s day

in portugal, mother’s day was a week ago – but only now it reaches the rest of the world :) which means we get to celebrate it twice! today we went to the park with a mama friend and her cute kid!

lovely day, lovely park and a lovely surprise: the baby (& momma) got used to the sling we gave them when she was born last year! the first experience with it was a bit disastrous and we thought it would never be used it again… but actually, lulu says both she and her mom use it quite regularly now!

b.’s grandma takes her to the market in her sling everyday, and to the inquisitive looks she gets, she explains it’s a modern & european thing… :)

i love the concept of the sling – an uncomplicated piece of fabric that holds your baby safe and close to you. in portugal, they were made popular by the talented hands of rosa pomar, who also makes unique and beautiful dolls that make babies (and grownups!) happy all around the world. :)

with her feet dangling off the sling