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new banner!

i’ve had this idea stuck in my head for a while, to make a banner for the blog out of a photomaton strip… and after a few tries it kind of worked, i think!

i like it, it’s a bit heavy compared to the previous one, but very “berlin”. and it’s nice to have something fresh up there for a change! :)

search queries.

i was browsing the search queries that arrive at (always entertaining) and stumbling upon the strangest phrases:

* desenho tenda de indios
* how to make leite creme
* porque as mulheres tem vontade de ser mae (…)
* o que significa i need a hug? (oh dear…)
* dor no ombro
* dimicina pills
* so so in portuguese (lol)
* mulheres podem dar leite sem estar gravida (and a lot of variations of that! :S)

…and then comes p.: “where are you checking that?”.
“awstats”, i said. off he goes to check his own stats. i was guessing “postcrossing guy” or something like that would come up first. nops. instead, “nude pumpkin race” does, way ahead any other queries.

and check this out, for that query, his site comes even before on google! now that’s classy! :D

to the (mostly) incognito 200 or so daily readers of this blog:

thank you

thank you! i mean it, i wanted to say “welcome, and thanks for coming around!” even if this is your first or last visit to this site.
i declare today “ visitors’ appreciation day”!

(edit: yes, feed readers are included as well. :) )

(searching the cure for the blog blues)


“Everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it and the imagination to improvise.” – Sylvia Plath