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happy holidays!

a bit of photoshop silliness for our xmas cards this year. :) have a happy and peaceful holiday!

one second every day – december 2014

so… december! it was truly a bipolar month — the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new adventure.

(sorry for the video’s low quality… not sure what happened there)

we spent the first half of the month frantically selling and giving away every last piece of furniture. we packed our boxes and suitcases, we fretted, we soaked up all the bits of germany… and then we jumped on a plane and got to see all our friends and family for 2 whole weeks before driving south to the promised land! :)

analogue wednesday #29


when i was a kid, we had a plastic christmas tree. it was cheap and a bit unstable, but it did the job, year after year. and then one year, my father decided to buy a real tree, just this once!
it was a beautiful tiny fir, smelled really nice and was loved by everyone… so much so that after christmas, nobody wanted to get rid of it! so my father decided to replant it on the backyard instead. lo and behold, there it is, years later, a tall and proud tree! :D

happy holidays!

i’m a bit late in my christmas wishes this year… but i do hope you had a nice time with your loved ones, wherever you are! we’re currently in portugal, dodging the rain while enjoying lots hugs and good food. it’s nice to catch up with friends… and meet their new babies! it feels like everyone is either pregnant or cradling bundles of cuteness these days! :D

for our season’s greetings this year, we did some scratch postcards using this recipe. they turned out great, and were a big hit with young cousins, old grandmas… and everyone in between! :)

get dressed you merry gentlemen!

some days just need a little arthur! :D