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analogue wednesday #30

waiting, waiting, waiting…

analogue wednesday #18



our two favourite food groups

chocolate and coffee! what else do you need? :)


in an effort to curb our coffee consumption, we’ve decided to go without the stuff this week. today is tuesday, day 2, and i feel…

… nothing. after having had coffee in the morning and after lunch religiously for years, i expected mighty headaches, or other dreaded symptoms of caffeine withdrawal. instead, i feel nothing of the sort. i’m not better or worse, i’m just fine, the same. i sleep ok, i wake up early, i concentrate in school and during work… i’m relieved and happy that it is so, but also a bit confused. have we been drinking decaf all this time? or are we just especially well-tolerant of the stuff? either way, i hope i’m not speaking too soon…

the autumn of our discontent

sometimes you just have to stop thinking for a bit and let life follow its course, hang on to the belief that (like in the movies) things will eventually be ok in the end. good coffee helps making dreary days better – and thankfully, berlin has exceptional coffee. :)