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stitched postcards

like anyone with a sewing machine these days, i’ve put mine to use sewing some masks that we can take on our visits to the supermarket. and then one thing led to another, and i’ve made a few stitched postcards as well, using leftover fabric and watercolor postcards for backing.

i was having fun trying out all the cool stitches that the machine can make… until i finally broke the needle. oops! :/

meet albert!

darae littlerobot

albert is a sweet little robot, who lives in a print made by yooniverse using a handcarved linocut :) i wasn’t going to frame him until i went back home, but in the middle of organizing things to ship we found some never used frames, et voila!

albert doesn’t know it yet, but he’s the first of what i hope will someday be a very big collection of handmade prints in a very big wall of a very big house i will have!

by the way, yooniverse is a bit of everything: lovely dreamy photography, beautiful prints, and a collection of interesting snippets, so go check it out!