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about the stories.

saturday night we went to a pecha kucha night here in shanghai. it was the first such event i attended, but the 6th that sinocities organized here.

pecha kucha is a night for designers or creative people to meet and share their ideas, portfolio and projects. each is given a precise amount of time to speak of whatever they want.

the place where it was held is called “Yangshupu Factories” and is a bit far from the city center, but worth a visit. a subtle maze of trees and lakes, with slippery dark stone paths and plants hanging on bamboo branches. when we got there (almost an hour in advance), we had time to delight ourselves in a slow coffee, relaxing on an outside patio beside a pound. the bushes around had some sort of xmas lamps on them, as if sprinkled by fireflies. :)
in the back there is a coffeehouse, hidden in a two-story building, where the organization had spread some chairs that were clearly insufficient for the number of people that decided to show up.

despite never having attended one such event before, i had high hopes for the it, but the end result was just so-so. photographers and architects showcased their recent works in succession, but most lacked the skills on how to present it right.

that was exactly the problem for me, especially because we saw too many photographers eager to show their portfolio, which turned out to be either plain uninteresting (but that’s just a matter of taste perhaps) or a mess of unrelated (best) photographs.

i tend to think that you always need a story. you need to convey something to people through your photographs. there needs to be a sequence, fictional, emotional or factual circumstances, an explanation or a connection, no matter how irrational.
but there wasn’t and in the end i thought, although some of them had good pictures, they had just wasted the opportunity to explain themselves. the why, the how, what sparkled their interest, what had they felt when portraying those people or places.

nonetheless, i liked some of the architectural projects that their authors explained. innovative with simple details, and very real.

my favorites? a presentation by Olympia Kazi on critical mass and a surreal presentation by a mechanical engineering student on herself, life and poetry. very non-sense, fresh and yet daring, engaging and amusing.

check out the pecha kucha website to see if there’s one happening near you!

humidity = 100 %

i’m currently in love with so many threadless tshirts that it’s going to be hard to pick a few to order. there’s sounds of the sea, and camouflage, and bobshopping… good thing the dolar is so low these days!
plus i found a website that gather coupons for using on thousands of online stores – now isn’t that a great idea? if you’re thinking of buying anything on an online shop, make sure you pay a visit first and check if they have any promotions, such as free shipping or a discount. uncle scrooge would be proud. :)

speaking of sounds of the sea, the other day i found this page about a sea organ built in croatia… strange concept: there are some steps by the sea, carved in stone, with pipes underneath. the waves come and blow the air through the pipes, producing a variety of sounds (you can hear them on their website). the chords are harmonious in their own way and make this place by the adriatic sea a special spot for locals and visitors. if only croatia was closer…

yellow alert

since “the season to be jolly” hasn’t been the best of the year, here’s a couple of highlights from the feeds, to break the silence a bit:

* make your own mitten warmers: diy instructions to your rice/lentils cozy warmers. they say the heat should stay up to one hour, which would be perfect for my frozen toes. (via lifehacker)
* books by the greats, covers by you: if you pick your books by the cover, maybe you can consider making your own. i think penguin already has some of the best covers around, but it’s a nice idea.


goscinny would certainly call upon some hidden corsican roots of mine to justify the fact that i am… susceptible. a movie, a book, a well-spoken presentation on a seminar or a brief intelligent conversation are all it takes to shake my world and give me the energy to ignore drawbacks and jump over frustrations, in order to achieve something and enjoy the process of getting there, more than the the finishing line itself.

maybe i am overreacting – but i won’t jump from denial (more like indifference, in the case) to despair, without stopping in the middle and trying to do something about the problem.
just let me figure a plan.

k ben r

sometimes it happens that one jumps from link to link until you find something that catches your attention. kapitaal, an animation by a dutch trio of designers was one of those, and it just made my day.
two seconds into it, i suddenly recognized my life and routine in the past year, all the typically dutch brands and sounds, the shops, the streets, the typography, the signs on walls, the train stations, every little detail of it, so familiar, so fresh, so close to my heart. i’m sure the idea of the authors wasn’t to strike me with a nostalgy attack and leave me close to tears…
hell, i miss that country.

so, watch it here, either for the animation itself or because you know what i’m talking about.