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新年快乐! happy new year!

before it all gets too crazy (china is about to turn into a “warzone”, with all the firecrackers), i just want to quickly say that a lot has been going on, through ups and downs, busy productivity sprints and mellow lazy days – hence the lack of regular posting as of lately.

today is a special day though: it’s the last day of the year of the pig. china is entering the year of the rat, with noisy fireworks celebrations. it’s their way to send out the old year and invite the new one in.

happy new year!

i like new years, whether chinese or not, so here’s wishing you all a healthy & wealthy year of the rat!

ps – i need to go outside. all this new year fireworks is making me itchy! :)

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V. stole the words from my mouth (can you actually say this in english?)
happy new year, ana! (again) :)

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