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one second everyday — january 2019

january was spent mostly in thailand, dodging winter and exploring the country with our friends.

i wrote about it in previous posts, but i really enjoyed being back in asia. it’s hard to describe how much i missed it these all these years… and the thing is, i don’t think i even realized it until we set foot there again and were immersed in its craziness. take me back!

analogue wednesdays

analogue wednesday #180

START HERE, reads frame #0 of R4R-42. i like it!

in thailand

goodbye thailand!

there’s much more to write about thailand… but january is over and so i think we’ll keep those for the next time. time to wrap up the thai posts and fly to other places! :)

in thailand postcards pretty things

a mailbox methaphor

there’s something fascinating about old mailboxes., their sturdiness and detail lending them a regal air that newer models seem to lack. you can tell that they were made with care, and to last a long time.

they’re almost like a metaphor: if only we could put this kind of effort and resources into all the things we do, to make sure they’re well done, perhaps they, too, would last longer.

foooood in thailand

khao soi

khao soi is a northern thai dish that i had never heard about before but which was everywhere in chiang mai and super yummy:

it’s a mix of soupy egg noodles topped with crispy noodles, and meat or egg. double noodles sounds like a winner already, but the mixture of curry and coconut milk of the broth makes this dish. you can add stuff on top, but in the end we concluded it’s just complicating something that is perfect already. why bother?

it’s just sooooo good that i wonder how come pad thai gets all the fame outside of thailand, but not khao soi?