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isetta stamps!

i found about these completely by accident, while on a postcrossing meetup in germany last year… and i adore them! :D


had i known these existed sooner, i would have sent all my postcards with them!!

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wiksten tops

i bought a sewing machine some years ago, and despite my good intentions at the time, ended up using it only for hemming stuff. it felt like a waste, and i wanted to do more, so one of the things on my 101 list was sewing something i could wear. worst case scenario i thought, i could always make a scarf or something simple like that…

but then summer came and the lovely wiksten top my friend C did for me some years ago became my favorite piece of clothing: it was fresh, simple, not too tight… it seemed perfect for a first sewing project, so i asked her if she could pretty please show me how to make one, and make sense of all the instructions – and she did!

pablo, rolling in the pattern

we went fabric shopping on the turkish market and then got cracking! for a whole afternoon we cut, pinned, ironed, fought the sewing machine… even our guest pablo wanted in on the action.

in the end, the wiksten emerged, and it was a thing of beauty. who knew i could sew with a little help!

wiksten #1

it turned out so nice, that the next day i immediately started on wiksten #2, this time sans professeure and with a darker fabric – so you cannot see my mistakes and the times the sewing machine jams! :)

wiksten #2

it turned out slightly wonky, but equally nice. they’re so light and practical that i don’t think i could ever buy an ill-fitting t-shirt again! i feel empowered and i want one for every day of the week… and maybe a tova as well :D

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a month of letters

in order to complete the letter-writing part of my 101 list, i’ve decided to join the month of letters challenge this coming february. i’m pretty sure i would have no problem acing it just with postcrossing cards… but i really want to try and write more letters!

i’m planning to send them mostly to friends, but i’m still short on recipients – so if you’d like to be included, just leave a comment below! i’d be happy to send you a letter :)

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new campers

925 days was how long my first pair of campers lasted. over two and a half years of inconspicuous comfort in all kinds of weather – and of never having to stop to tie the shoe laces!
yet with holes threatening to open on them, i knew that the end was near. so last week, we walked down to the camper store, and finally got their shiny replacements. long live the new campers! :)

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rubber stamped postcard scenes

so, on my second time at stempel-medina earlier this year, i wanted to do something with postcards. it’s the perfect format for a small project, and being that i am immersed in them everyday, i thought they might be useful. i had a huge amount of gifted stamps at hand, many of which were art-related, but i wasn’t sure how to use them… until i saw these tourist rubber stamps. i grabbed them, and got to work on these little museum scenes:

i rubber stamped the little guys, watercolored them, and then used my super sharp scissors to painstakingly cut their shapes. then, i assembled them in the little scenes, adding the stamps and some background paper. it took way too long, but i quite like the results. :)