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yesterday i went to our local student academic bar (called BA around here) where RUM was throwing a party to celebrate their new spring/sumer grid. the postcards i finished the day before were everywhere! what a relieve to see that the colours were actually correctly printed and that everything came out readable and smooth! no time for testing that kind of thing, so i was really nervous about it.
besides that, it was a weird funky feeling.
i don’t remember anything i did to be handed like this to people, in such quantities or place. and it’s funny to sit back and watch people’s reactions to it: some keep it inside their purses (nice!), some just don’t care, others use it as something to put their drinks on.

(click on the image for the larger version)
ps – sometimes i honestly wonder if i can get an happiness overdose or something like that.
ps2 – the bottle in the middle was drawn over a stock photo image, with a friends’ wacom graphire tablet. i’m going to ask my parents for one of those on my bday :P

links and ideas

when it rains, why don’t sheep shrink?

ghostboy’s latest post comes after a chat about design and how much should we give in to the “client”‘s taste instead of our own view. it’s tricky – specially when there’s not much time to get together and share ideas.
i know a very successful person in the informatics world who had a degree in computer science and then did another one in economy – to understand what the clients where demanding, to know their language, he says. i wonder if sometimes we (the design rookies) are just too unexperienced to understand what people have in mind in the first place. or too stubborn to go with it. :|

my apologies and late congratulations:
* rita, for your bday. lots of hugs and kisses! :)
* paulo, for the visao’s photojournalism prize. another one, eh? :P


that’s all it is, peaches

tem sido uma semana preenchida. fragmentada. activa. rápida. enérgica.
“voltar” à rádio, nas vésperas da nova grelha. design gráfico. ambientar-me a novos sons e sorrisos, que se entranham até altas horas, madrugada adentro.
olhar as estrelas, com a ajuda de um astrónomo entusiasta, que deixa a turma a sonhar. ver os anéis de saturno e as manchas de júpiter. aprender a diferença entre telescópios refractores, reflectores e catadióptricos.
uma consulta na nutricionista e a reformulação dos hábitos alimentares errados, há muito enraizados. de vez.
um concerto num recinto pequeno, cheio de energia e empatia. como eu gosto. (e uma página web a sair, que me valeu uma menção nos agradecimentos do cd da banda – ainda estou babada…).
um projecto de exposição de fotos que anda para a frente (patrocínios, anyone?).
uma loja online para breve.
fotografias e rolos novos.
amigos que me mimam. todos os dias. :)

estou com uma boa disposição inacreditável…

in the netherlands

walk this way

some links to share: * kiss by the hotel de ville, by robert doisneau was sold for over 155k euros. even though the kiss was staged, it’s such a beautiful picture. :)
* soduku: fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3×3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. so addicting!
* david fonseca redesigned his web place (let’s wait for more regular updates :P)

and a note on the personal side:
* groningen it is, after a lot of last minute hesitations and confusions… dealing with the lack of protocols isn’t easy and we got our share of funny replies like this one, from leiden: "We do not have a Socrates programme with your department, and we do not like to start one, so I am sorry to tell you, but you’ll have to find another university for your stay abroad." :P go find someplace else, you’re not welcome here!
in the end, we decided to play it safe and stick to the only university who was offering us some decent garanties. meanwhile i used flickr to discover what the city was like. i found lots of photos tagged "groningen" and even some nice people who helped me getting an insight of what it was like living there. here’s an excerpt from an email from folkert’s ( aka designerd) who kindly shared his thoughts about the city with us:
"I can truly congratulate you on your choice to go to Groningen. I might be a bit biased, well a lot actually, but I’ll try to give an accurate idea.
Groningen is a fairly small city (about the sixth biggest in The Netherlands), yet the biggest in the north. It has a very young population, due to the presence of a university and several other educational institutions.
Due to this young population, Groningen has a vivid nightlife: a lot of bars, clubs and venues. And the best part: most of them are open 24/7, which is pretty unique. Most bars in other cities close at 3 in the night.
OK, you are right about the climate. It might not be as great as Portugal’s, but the Groningen summers can be nice and warm, and at times…wet. :-)
Living in Groningen is great. At least, that’s what I think. You have all the pros of living in a city, but if you like you can be in a more rural environment in no time."

sounds great! (and at the same time, it really feels similar to braga…) we’ll get used to it ireally quick! :D


video killed…

voltar à rádio depois de dois ou três anos sabe muito bem. está tudo um bocadinho diferente, há mais computadores, gente nova, mais coisas a acontecerem ao mesmo tempo. mas algumas coisas continuam na mesma. o mesmo cheiro, que nunca percebi bem de onde vinha. da cortiça, do ar condicionado, dos jornais acumulados, da própria cave. alguns sorrisos que me reconheceram (!) e me acolheram, como se tivesse sido ontem, o verão que lá passei. :)

voltar lá com o intuito de dar o meu contributo para a transformação e à (r)evolução que lá se processa, sabe ainda melhor.