my parents are not the computer-techy type. but when i went to the netherlands, 5 years ago, we taught them to use msn and skype to keep in touch, and ever since then, they’ve been slowly venturing into these new technologies. they can manage their bank accounts online, pay for stuff and make spreadsheets/presentations… and to my surprise, the other day my dad sent me the link of a flickr account he created all by himself! :D i was so immensely proud!

new pictures have slowly been finding their way there. many are from their holidays in recent years, some from unknown ancestors and the ones i like the most, pictures from when we were kids! :D my dad has always been a keen photographer, and we are really lucky to have hundreds of pictures of us taken with his zenit. some will undoubtedly find their way to this blog, now and then.

this is little ana, celebrating her one year old in the algarve!