next, hagelslag!

hagelslag (blowing hail?) are dutch chocolate sprinkles – invented in 1936 by mr. de vries, in reply to a child who wrote him asking for a chocolate topping to put on his bread.
to use them, spread some butter on a piece of bread and sprinkle them on top. allow me to illustrate:

the butter is optional, but it helps them stick better. more than the different flavours, i think what makes hagelslag special is the texture – it’s just nice to bite the tiny crunchy pieces of chocolate, and let them slowly melt in your mouth…

they have a special kind of sprinkles called muisjes (little mice) that are spread on round rusks when a baby is born, and offered to friends or family. they’re either pink or blue, according to the sex of the newborn. isn’t that a nice tradition? :)

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  • joana says:

    oh i looooooooooooove thooooossseeeee

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  • Trix Oskam says:

    How nice to meet you here Ana, when I was looking for information about the Stempel-Medina!
    I live in the Netherlands and I’m on Postcrossing too, you know.
    The pink or blue ‘muisjes’ are made by putting a layer around anise seeds and that’s why these ‘mice’ have a tiny tail. ;-)
    And as you say, you eat them on a crispy round biscuit or rusk.

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