races, before and after

i might have mentioned this once or twice or thrice before… the boy runs. he runs a lot, and he runs fast, often doing pretty well in competitions. me? i stay on the sidewalks by the finish line and cheer for everyone that goes by, clapping for the kids, the old people, the fast ones and slow ones, the ladies, the skaters, the guys running in suit & tie… pretty much everyone, until my fingers hurt or the boy arrives – at which point my clapping is all for him :)

i also take the opportunity to steal away his phone and take photos with it! we have a little project going on, documenting the races with before-and-after photos… here are the results so far.

asics 10:

barcelona’s half-marathon:

tierpark lauf:

berlin half-marathon:

airport run (which was cold and wet and miserable):

curiously, after every single race the boy gets this bulging vein on his head that looks suspiciously like something out of harry potter…

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