polaroids from the romantic road

a plot from clever marketeers to increase tourism in the region, the romantic road is a route connecting different picturesque towns in the south of germany. i’m a sucker for a good roadtrip, and this sounded like a great one — so around easter, we packed our friend’s jorge car and the three of us drove all the way down there to check it out.


we started in würzburg and made our way south until füssen, where we visited the “castle to rule them all“. on our way, we passed rothenburg ob der tauber, feuchtwangen, dinkelshbühl, nördlingen, giengen and augsburg, before turning back up and heading towards munich via wies, then finally nuremberg and bamberg.

we visited castles and walked on ancient walls, ate an overwhelming amount of sausages, slept on tiny b&bs with generous breakfast spreads… it was perfect on all accounts. the south hides exactly the kind of hidden medieval germany that one reads about in fairy tale books :)

we took some polaroids on the way, to keep track of the sights and facades… thought i’d share them here.

rs3 rs2

aaaaah… that brings back some really nice memories! this was also the roadtrip where we crossed the european watershed and saw all the postcrossing bags… but the best of it all? i’ll tell you about it on the next post! :)

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  • Hugh says:

    “the south hides exactly the kind of hidden medieval Germany that one reads about in fairy tale books :)”

    Hello Ana,
    please excuse me, but I think you are wrong. The fairy tales in the German fairy tales books have not played in the landscape of Southern Germany, but in the landscape of the middle, between Weser and Main, in the land round the Weserbergland, Teutoburger Wald, Harz, and other small central mountain and rural areas. Or in other words between Bremen and Frankfurt. The romanctic of the “romantic road” is mostly artificial as the “castles” Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein (build 18xx) are. Up made as tourists traps, nothing else.

  • ana says:

    hi hugh, you’re absolutely right! in fact, i’ve just found a postcard about the märchenstraße… sounds like the perfect theme for another roadtrip :)

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