one second everyday — march 2018

march started with rain and ended in radiant sunshine! we had friends over, celebrated birthdays, tried new things, improved the “garden”… it was a nice month all around. this year has been very quiet for a change, and i appreciate that.

march was also the month in which we celebrated five years of doing “one second everyday” videos, which is amazing! i’m so happy we’ve stuck with the habit for this long, and hope to keep it going for many, many years.

though we don’t do them for the sole purpose of sharing, i like that these videos function as a metronome of our life for our friends. sometimes people i haven’t seen in a while see the videos and then reach out to comment on a specific second — even if just to remark on how much food we eat, or how much the boy’s beard has grown! and it’s so incredibly nice to hear from them. :)

but what i like the most about this series is that recording the seconds has become a ritual that forces us to stop and appreciate little moments throughout the day. like kurt vonnegut’s uncle alex, i often ask myself: “if this isn’t nice, what is?”. and it is very nice indeed.

2 comments to “one second everyday — march 2018”

  • Gonçalo says:

    Instalei hoje o 1se e vou começar. ;)

  • Nathalie says:

    Once again, thank you for making me do this as well! I really find it a great way to keep track of my life. It’s also a very simple reminder to enjoy something in every day. When I find out that I’ve forgotten to record a short video the day before, I mentally go through my day and often realize that there were several beautiful things that I let pass without acknowledging them. Last year I stopped recording because my telephone was malfunctioning, but now it’s fixed and I hope to keep this very healthy habit :)

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