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one second every day

one month ago, we saw this great ted talk by cesar kuriyama. every day, he recorded one second of his life, and after a while, edited all the seconds on a video montage. it’s a simple thing… and yet, the result is such a captivating mashup of glimpses into someone’s life, that we immediately decided to download the 1 second everyday app and give it a go.

so… one month later, this is how the past month looked like in our lives:

somedays we almost forgot about it until the last minute and ended up recording something dull (or food), so the result isn’t a showpiece… and still, like magic, every brief second brings to mind a very specific moment, which in turn allows us to instantly remember the whole day!

having a visual reminder of every single day i ever lived is pretty awesome. i think i want do this for the rest of our lives! :D

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I LOVE this! I’d watched the TED talk already and seeing your video was super cool! Might have to try and remember to do it too, just to see what a month of our lives is like. Not sure I’m disciplined enough to remember. I’ve been trying to post once a day on Instagram in April and, so far, pretty sure half of the photos were taken before 11pm and midnight, in a hurry.

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