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one second everyday — october 2018

october felt like a dizzying roller coaster.

it started with a 2-week stay up north, because p’s mom took a tumble and needed a bit of help getting back on her feet. lots of running around and afternoons at the library, frantically trying to keep all the plates spinning. after that, we came south just in time to pack our bags for a long-anticipated trip to visit our bolzano friends, who have been tempting us for years with photos of their alpine adventures… and boy, did they ever deliver! the scenery was gorgeous, the time of the year was perfect, and we hiked, camped, slept, ate and talked to our heart’s content. probably one of the best weeks of the year so far, and we so needed it.

we left the alps a bit teary-eyed, and jumped right into the warm hugs of all our bielefeld friends for a few days, before returning to the south with our friends O&Z, in order to show them a bit of our algarve — including a dip in the ocean, as they had never swam in one before!

dear october, you were intense. in the future, let’s try not to do ALL THE THINGS at the same time, k?

one second everyday — september 2018

in terms of video (and blog!), september was the most boring month possible — and it was perfect that way. for the most part, we were focused, and worked on all the things we had been meaning to get started in a while. went to festival F and the mediterranean fair, exercised and meditated regularly, tweaked the schedule, dived into some fun projects, finally put my craftsbathroom together, and even went to the beach a couple of days!

naturally, things were going too well for it to last long… so at the moment it’s all complicated again and we’re up north, dealing with life’s curveballs. still, i’m grateful for a good september.

one second everyday — august 2018

in august, we continued the fun times in canada, exploring toronto, finally catching a show at the planetarium, and even going to the niagara falls!

we came back home in the middle of the month, just in time to catch the end tail of summer: lots of concerts and fairs, meals outside, hosting friends and family and one intrepid gecko that decided to adopt us. :) so many things happening, so many new experiences! it was a very good month.

one second everyday — july 2018

so… july was eventful!

the first half was filled with work and fixing stuff at home. then we drove north for some family time, and finally flew to canada, where we’re slowly exploring ontario with friends. :) hurray for traveling again!

one second everyday — june 2018

june began in the azores and then jumped back home, just in time to see the parents arrive with the trunk full of cherries and other delights from their little farm. it’s high season now and you can definitely feel it in town, buzzing with festivities and tourists.

the days were filled mostly with work and our own mundane tasks… but for once, i’m sort of glad. the less excitement a month has in it, the more we can catch our breath and take stock. the first half of the year was demanding on many levels, and now more than ever, i feel the need to take it easy and carve the space to research, learn and advance other projects, to plan secretly and without respite.