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one second everyday — january 2017

did january just fly by? seems like it!

the first half was packed: we started in germany welcoming the new year with friends, and then slowly made our way south with a lot of stops in between to be with family and do a first aid course. once home, it was time to catch up, so we spent our days working by the fireplace, getting back in shape and hiking around the countryside with friends.

it felt good to settle down for a quiet time, plan the year ahead and get things in order. let’s see what february brings! :)

one second everyday — the whole 2016 edition

2016 started and ended with fireworks, so in a way, it feels like we’ve come full circle.

it was a good year, with a bit of everything. seeing it in a quick compilation leaves me feeling really warm and fuzzy inside… so many adventures, so many hugs. i’ll do my best to make 2017 just as exciting! :)

one second everyday — december 2016

and to close 2016, here’s december:

tons of days spent working in front of the fireplace, one nasty wasp, lots of time with friends and family, and then escaping to fairy tale land for the new year slide… happy new year, everyone! :)

one seconday everyday — november 2016

races, time with friends, the websummit in lisbon, the debut of both a semi-responsive layout and our fireplace, and tons of christmas postcards… this was our november — how was yours?

one second everyday — october 2016

october was quite homely and had a bit of everything: rain and sun, close and faraway friends, good meals (homemade pho and green curry!) and even a visit to our local waste treatment facility on their open day!

the highlight of the month was our yearly return to bielefeld and to the land of gorgeous autumn for a few days. this is our 7th year going — which seems unbelievable, but so nice. once a year, we come together with these friends in a little house in the woods to catch up, walk and write some postcards together. we see them so infrequently, and yet, every time we come together it’s as if we never left.

i want more of these moments.