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one second every day – february 2014

…is it really mid-march already? whoa! here are 30 seconds of what we did last month:

it wasn’t a particularly exciting month, truth be told, but it included:

- lots of meals with friends – our favorite form of socializing :)
- trip planning!
- postcrossing’s new terms of service (finally!)
- a valentine’s day date to the german technical museum <3!
- lots of studying for edx’s science and cooking course, which is now over (i passed!)
- a freshly painted kitchen ceiling (after an incident with a washing machine upstairs…)

plus, though not featured, there was a lot of practicing both for the tedxoporto talk and the lisbon mini-marathon. more on that later! :)

one second every day – january 2014

january best bits included:
- rome (and some of the best tiramisu of our lives)
- a trip to the north of italy, to surprise a friend on his birthday
- the return of sherlock!
- a lot of good food with friends
- trying out a new co-working space
- chinese new year!

one second every day – december 2013

december’s best bits included:
- christmas markets
- lots and lots of hugs and meals with friends
- christmas with the whole family
- lovely portuguese food
- rome!

looking back at all the seconds we’ve kept last year makes me really happy. so much silliness, so much exploring, so many shared moments. none of these seconds is a masterpiece, but together they’re quite remarkable in the memories they bring up. i solemnly promise to keep it up for as long as we can! :)

one second every day – november 2013

november’s best bits included:
- emiliana torrini’s concert
- my first food processor aka the banana ice-cream maker
- scientific-culinary experiments
- a lot of xmas card planning, assembling and writing
- plenty of good food with friends
- randomly meeting a blogger i’ve been reading for years… i was a bit dumbstruck, but she was really nice :)

on the last frame you can see me binding my own letterpress calendar, which i had printed just moments ago with the help of sabine from small caps. it was a great experience, and i had a lot of fun clumsily maneuvering the machine with my hands and feet. nicola (who helped us bind the calendars) took some nice photos of the day, and wrote this post about it.

get dressed you merry gentlemen!

some days just need a little arthur! :D