in slovenia video


there’s a milk vending machine in the market – and i’ve been dying to use it :) so today, me, paulo and gui braved the snow to get some milk. we had a bit of help from a nice lady and got home with a bottle of thick fresh milk. yummy! :D

the song is 牛仔很忙 (the cowboy is very busy) by jay chou. it’s about a nice cowboy who drinks milk at bars (because beer is bad for you), soaks in bubble baths with his toys and only wears synthetic leather :)

in slovenia traveling video

you will pull through

Crossing the Karavanke tunnel from ana campos on Vimeo.

i shot this the last time we went to austria, crossing the mighty karavanke, all 7 minutes of it. the purpose? i’m not sure, but perhaps to focus me on something rather than letting my mind free to imagine the tons of stone above us and how far the nearest exit is. it worked. the song is “you will pull through” by barcelona – which is somewhat appropriate to the situation. i think i’m getting better at crossing mountains through tunnels. :)

ps – the border between slovenia and austria is around 3:43.