weeknotes, 1/24

first weeknotes of the year!

– it was a busy week, so my brain couldn’t focus much on reading proper serious stuff… but i made my way through a couple more of ozeman novels, which felt light, teenagey and contemporary.

– the kid tried out the sweater i knit for her and it fit! 😍

– went to the yearly dentist checkup and he found no cavities in my teeth. hurray!

– driving back home was the highlight of the week. the feeling of opening the doors and being home after some weeks away… there’s nothing quite like it.

– in the three weeks we were away, the broccolis have exploded! 😱 i don’t know what magic is this, but i have 2 monster broccoli. we’ve eaten one of them already, and transformed some of the leaves into even more caldo verde. it really feels like a miracle, especially for such a newbie like me.

– we got the composter! it’s a huge, dalek-shaped contraption that feels a little flimsy. i think it’s going to take ages for us to fill it up, but the neighbors have already offered to give us their grass clippings, which should help. that said, we’re supposed to be aiming for a ratio of 50% greens (eg, veggie scraps) and 50% browns (dried leaves, paper) and we definitely have more of the first than the second. i might have to raid the neighborhood’s recycling bins for some paper we can shred…

– at least one chiffchaff but possibly 2! are wintering in our garden, eating bugs off the raised bed and living their best lives. they are so tiny and precious, and i’m honored they’ve chosen us as their southern holiday vacation home.

one second everyday

2023, one second everyday

there we go, a whole year in 7 minutes and change!

like always, at the end of the year i have this feeling that lots of things were terrible… but looking at these videos helps contextualize and put events in perspective. yes, we spent a lot of time in hospitals and waiting rooms in 2023 — but we also spent over a month exploring taiwan, redid the garden, saw babies grow, kept in touch with friends, ate lots of delicious meals, hugged loved ones, read books, identified new birds, enjoyed summer, celebrated birthdays, saw projects come to life, grew some vegetables… :) so even if some things were bad, how can a year with all of that in it be called a “bad” year?

may 2024 bring good health — we’ll deal with the rest!

one second everyday

december 2023 — one second everyday

december was pretty much dedicated to friends and family — both in the south and in the north.

our social batteries have been fully recharged, and we’re ready for the year ahead!


weeknotes 52/23

last week of this cursed year! 💀

i got some nice gifts for christmas! tons of socks and fun underwear, nice body shop thinguies, a pessimistic towel, a seed calendar, a couple of books (one about stationery and one about nature!), a set of ramen bowls, some fun legos, as well as sweets. i must have been a really nice person this year!

miraculously, i’ve managed to stay covid-free despite living with 2 infected people for a couple of weeks, thanks to a lot of strategic masking. hurray! now everyone is healthy covid-wise, but the boy seems to have a sore throat…

we’re spending new year’s with the family, to make up for christmas fiasco. normally, i would prefer a quieter celebration, just me and the boy, thinking about the year and making plans… but since christmas was a subdued affair (and mom was sad about it), we decided to come together to celebrate this “little christmas”, as the old people say. one of the good things about being here (apart from the family being here, safe and healthy) is all the clementines from my parents trees — they’re the best! 😍

i hope 2024 will be a better one, with more good health! how brilliant is a new year that starts on a monday? i love it so much!


2023 in books

my reading seems to have continued its upward trend in 2023. i feel like i’ve read a bit of everything: a lot of light romantic novels, children’s stories (which often got gifted to my little cousins or niece), historical stuff, health books, books about life in faraway places, books about making art and comics, quite a few featuring death, some graphic novels, a whole series from elena ferrante, and a lonely planet guidebook… i like the chaotic nature of this selection — it feels right for my scattered brain and its many interests.

some thoughts:

– the number of books read surprises me a bit, because i don’t feel like i spend a lot of time reading — apart from audiobooks or time spent in waiting rooms, i rarely read during the day. i had an inkling that i did spend a lot of time reading fanfiction in the night, but it’s only now that i’ve replaced it with books that i know how much i was actually reading. 😳

– getting a digital library card definitely helped, as did the new kindle with backlight. i still wake up in the middle of the night a lot, and reading helps pass the time until sleep comes again. as a result, most of these were read in digital format, then some in paper form and less as audiobooks (mostly while cleaning or cooking):

– i’m the kind of person that gifts books to all the children in my life, and i’ve doubled down on this since my niece came along. it’s been a pleasure exploring new books for her, discovering the ones that are appropriate to different ages and will help her stay curious. i have been making a little stack at home, ready to dole out at the right time.

– highlight reads of the year… probably discovering the light, fanfic-ish style of ali hazelwood, which became a kind of comfort reading. the same with alice ozeman‘s heartstopper series (which i’ve read in one go, on a bout of post-christmas indigestion). i think outlive was probably the book i “underlined” the most, and mouth to mouth was the one that surprised me the most at the end. there were 2 books that i finished but did not enjoy: all of this and i feel bad about my neck.
– looking at the nationalities of the authors i’ve read, i think i actually did a good job spreading things around… but i feel like i could have done even better. in 2024, i want to try to read works from a wider set of nationalities— i guess that will be my reading goal for the year.