weeknotes 52/21

– returning home safe and sound on the last week of the year, after being thoroughly avalanched in christmas sweets… felt great! i had a nice time with the family, but i was definitely ready to come home, think about the year ahead, and have a quiet entrance in 2022.

– i ate so many persimmons these past two weeks! it was brilliant! my parents have a tree that had lots of them this year, and were happy to load my trunk with some for me to bring home. they were amazing, so ripe and juicy! probably one of my top 5 fruits.

– the fireplace has been going full speed ahead, making the living room a cozy corner where we hide in the evenings.

– we had a new year’s walk in the salt ponds and spotted 2 new birds, which i think was a good omen! one was a common snipe, and the other was an eurasian stone-curlew. both are super funky birds, but the stone-curlew definitely takes the cake, with its angry looking “eyebrows” and a very yellow eye. :D

– this misty morning view in cabanas. shortly thereafter, the clouds lifted and it was quite hot for a winter day.

one second everyday

2021, one second everyday

a full year in the span of 6 minutes still feels a bit like magic to watch. 2021 wasn’t very different from the previous year, and in my head, it got classified as a “pandemic part 2” of sorts. we huddled and hibernated in the first part of the year, then gradually opened up and ventured out of our shells.

there were vaccines, volcanoes in azores, and much time spent with family. there were sooo many video dinners but also some real dinners with friends, long walks and new birds spotted. there was much bread baked too, board game nights, some knitting and some volunteering. the walking desk had its brilliant debut, and the old phone drowned and got replaced by a shiny new one. we bought our house and got a new fireplace! plus, we didn’t get sick, which is a blessing i do not take for granted.

so many things happened, so much joy and laughter shared! i’m really glad and thankful for every one of these days. this could have been a really depressing year if we chose to see it that way, but instead we did what we could to make the best of it. still crossing my fingers we’ll be able to go to taiwan at some point… but until then, we’ll just enjoy what we have right now.

bring it on, 2022!

just life one second everyday

one second everyday — december 2021

december at last!

long walks, guests, volunteering, traveling north, spending time with the family… a bit of everything thrown in the mix. :)


weeknotes 51/21

– christmas at last! we spent it with my parents & brother and the boy and his parents, in a bubble of 7 with lots of covid tests. we might not have seen as many relatives as we normally would, but codfish and sweets were consumed, and lots of presents were unwrapped. :)

– i got the beautiful kissa by kissa book, a guide book to taiwan (forever on our bucket list), fluffy peanuts-themed loungewear, and a bunch of yellow ffp2 masks! i had bemoaned the fact that there weren’t any yellow masks in pharmacies, and santa went out of its way to find some for me — they look like a bird’s beak and i love it! :D

– like a weird alien structure, the tallest christmas tree in the country landed in the town where my parents live. it’s 55 meters high and defies description.

– the sunset at my grandma’s place. despite the threatening weather, it didn’t rain that much over christmas, which was a small miracle in itself.

just life weeknotes

weeknotes 49-50/21

so much, so little.

– the most exciting thing about these past 2 weeks was that we finally did the marathon walk! omg, we did it. 42kms, lots of bakeries, birds and blisters too. more on that later.

– a local non-profit cooked a warm meal for their neighbourhood and i volunteered to help serve. it was a nice event, filled with music, laughing kids running around, and lots of elderly neighbours chatting and getting to know each other. i think strengthening the bonds within these small communities is super important especially in times of need, and events like these help that happen.

– we packed and left for the north, where we’ll be for the next 2 weeks. on the surface, i’m ready for christmas, as we did all the shopping in advance… but i feel tired and impatient. though i love family and seeing friends, it feels like this whole year has just been stretching me thin, pulling in different directions and not leaving me much room to process. i want some weeks to call my own, to recharge and recalibrate.

– plus, it’s cold here. :( my toes and fingertips are frozen and it makes me supremely grumpy. as an adult, i have very little patience for this kind of endurance sport that the portuguese turn winter into. sigh.