in the netherlands


Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup
They slither wildly as they slip away across the universe…

fiona apple john lennon
(thanks pedro! :) )

levi watches fc porto’s goals on rtp’s website, and we quickly scan the news on publico to see what’s going on back home, while we wait for a class to start. now that a week and a half has passed, and the initial shock and frustrations were forgotten, everything seems easy. the adaptation period was much smoothed by the fact everybody here speaks english since they were in primary school, and even master’s classes are given in english, to dutch students. and also the other erasmus students’ company helped, of course. we’re all in the same boat here. 150 of us are now living in a which used to be a refugee’s hospital, some time ago. it lacks some conditions (and internet!) and is quite far from the ZernikeComplex (the place where we have classes), but it’s warm and cozy inside, in a strange mix of nationalities and cultures from all continents.
the city is beautiful. really lovely with its small red brick houses and canals that cross and circle it, confusing our sense of orientation. there are so many small details worth exploring, and so many treats to the eye… like an opaque glass lavatory or a bus station by rem koolhaas (the mr. who did the “casa da musica”, in porto).
well, duty calls. :) take care!

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