yes she did.

Icelandic pop singer Bjork backed independence for Tibet during her concert on Sunday in Shanghai, eyewitnesses said on Monday. She shouted “Tibet, Tibet!” followed by “Raise your flag!” towards the end of her final song, “Declare independence.”

quote from shanghaiist.

we were there and it was really at the end of the concert. i had to ask someone beside me if she actually said “tibet! tibet!” because i guess my ears didn’t quite believe it too.

“It’s unlikely Bjork will be performing again in China any time soon, if ever. Bravo.”

quote from danwei.

eheh, at least we were there! :)

(image by mulder)

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Great, I love her music and she fights for the right course too!

In time, I’m afraid that the real tibettans will be out numbered by han chinese banned from mainland china.

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