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a fresh new year

happy new year!
on the first day of the new year, we’re at our best intentions. it’s time to look up the lists we made, and make plans to fulfill them as best as possible, tracing deadlines and objectives.

this time around, i’m running our of time to complete my list of101 things in1001 days. may 2010 sounded really far away three years ago, so my dream list included lots of traveling which ended up not happening according to the plans (other places were visited instead), and there are some things that made sense at the time and which now don’t (getting a piano, for instance). i’m focusing on the rest of the items right now, and i want to do as many as i can till then. to start, today we subscribed the economist and i crossed another item off the list. feels good. :)

i’ll be adding other items to my 2010 to-do list. this year, i want to explore slovenia to the last page of our lonely planet book and beyond, i want to go hiking and snowboarding on its mountains. and i want to use the holga more, and start new projects. and…

what about you? any plans or lists? :)

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