foooood in sweden

in the supermarket

the good thing about visiting cities that are not very big or well known, is that you don’t feel the pressure to do all the touristy things that are almost mandatory in big cities. and so you free up much more time for other fun stuff. like sampling the local cuisine and looking at stuff at the supermarkets! these are some of our local favourite finds:

huge knäckebröd wheel

jam in a plastic tube

cute chocolate packaging

liquorice flakes

topping sauce

lingon tea

lingon jam

nutella & fake nutella

barcaffe coffee & turkcaffee – same thing, apparently, but they sell it under that name outside slovenia!

rain boots drier

5 replies on “in the supermarket”

Wow. I had to use google translate to find out what knäckebröd was. Fake nuttella made me laugh. Jam in a tube, wouldn’t that be messy when you opened it with no firm base to stand up on? And I loved the gumboots drier.

Lingon berry stuff is the best! I found it in the IKEA here and tried it out. I think I inhaled the whole jar of jam.

I have such fun in supermarkets too. Glad to know I’m not the only weirdo in town! :P

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