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a museum for… things!

a few weeks ago, we visited the museum of things. it was an intriguing premise…. all museums have things. so which things would the museum of things have?
museum of things, kreuzberg, berlin
the answer, we found out, was all kinds of things! :)

well, mostly interesting things, anyway. instead of following a chronological order, they’re grouped by color, shape, material, function… sometimes in contrast, others in tune, with little words or explanation. the patterns are implicit and easily spotted.
museum of things, kreuzberg, berlin

there were toys, measuring tools, german things and foreign things, furniture pieces, appliances…
museum of things, kreuzberg, berlin
…kitschy things, cutlery and plates and pots and pans…
museum of things, kreuzberg, berlin
… useless things, boxes, tins, cans, electrical odds and bits, old telephones, mail items…museum of things, kreuzberg, berlin
… writing tools, signs, cutting tools, postboxes, hangers…
museum of things, kreuzberg, berlin
… creams, perfums and powders, jewellery… we even saw a little shrine from our lady of fatima! there are so many things, you’re guaranteed to find something that makes you go woooow! :D

there’s also a model of the frankfurt kitchen, which revolutionised architecture in the 20s by introducing the concept of functional kitchens with standardized dimensions and layout.

the museum is on oranienstraße 25 (top floor) but it has odd opening hours, so make sure to check them out before you go!

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Oh, wow. Jealous. So totally jealous. Our museums here suck! That’s annoying for a museum lover like me. Thanks for sharing, but I’m green with envy! :)

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