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full english breakfast

i find there are few things in life as comforting as home-made meals, and of those, breakfast takes the cake. carefully prepared food, first thing in the morning? it requires love and dedication.

which is why it meant a lot to us that our first english breakfast in british soil was prepared by our hosts! it’s a lot of methodical work: some bits go in the oven, some are warmed in a pan, some are fried in a specific order so that everything is nice and hot before being served… but what a beauty! i especially liked the black pudding, but every bit of it was delicious – one of those meals that makes you want to sigh and lovingly pet your stomach at the end… before leaping out of the table with tons of extra energy for the day’s sightseeing :)

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@WoAi: once in shanghai, we went to a place that had something called “english breakfast” on the menu… we ordered two of those, plus a couple of teas to go with it. the waitress seemed a bit confused, but we insisted that was what we wanted. result: four cups of tea on the table, and 2 very hungry bellies… :D

glad you have a proper english restaurant there now! i have to show you the berlin equivalent someday, it’s quite nice! :P

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