banana ice-cream

for the longest time i had this dream of making ice-cream, but somehow the dream always got pushed aside… turns out, ice-cream making is a finicky business, requiring more patience, special equipment and room in the fridge than i currently possess… or so i thought, until the day i heard of the this fantastic one ingredient ice-cream recipe!

it goes like this:

– cut a banana in slices, spread it on a surface
– put it on the freezer for an hour or so
– once it’s frozen, blitz the pieces with an immersion blender or a standing mixer until smooth
et voilá! :D the banana takes on a custardy consistency which is just like ice-cream! it’s… magic!

seriously… who eats bananas in summer when they could be having ice-cream?! :D

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Oh MY! That ice cream looks sooo great! I have to try this as soon as I can. nom nom! Hopefully we will get some better weather for ice cream soon! It’s been cold this week and rainy! booo!

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