in iceland

hot pots!

so you ask, what’s the best part of so much hot water in iceland? definitely hot pots! :D


hot pots are pools heated by natural springs of geothermal water. sometimes they resemble big swimming pools, but more often than not, they’re just man-made ponds on a countryside hill, small and “rustic”. sometimes there’s a little hut for you to change, sometimes just the hole in the ground filled with steaming water. all you need to do is take your clothes off, have a wash and then soak to your heart’s content…


on our way back from the golden circle, we went by hrunalaug, a small pool featured in a number of guidebooks. you change and wash in a little side cabin, and in you go!


the feeling of being wrapped in warmth in the middle of a quiet hill, little bubbles sticking to your skin as you dip your toes in the black sand at the bottom of the pool… it’s just pure bliss. let me try to show you:

we had it all to ourselves for a while and it was easily the best part of the trip. i wish i could bottle this feeling, this simplicity, this magic.

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