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i don’t remember the last time we did a trip far away enough to justify having jetlag, but i definitely has it. luckily, tim hortons is here to help…

…because we’re in canada! :D it’s been over 10 years since the last time we were in north america, but things still have the same familiar feel. like walking down a movie set, we recognize their cemented driveways and big houses, the restaurant chains and the easy greetings of the people that we meet. i can’t wait to get out and explore… but first, coffee.

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Hello Ana and Paulo,
It was wonderful to meet you in Ingersol last Saturday and I had a bit of time to be on line and explore a little more your pages, and if you were in Canada ten years ago does it mean we have to wait another ten years before you come to Montreal, Quebec City and Rimouski? It was wonderful meeting you and I do hope you don’t take a generation to come back and see us, my hair will be all white by then:)
Happy Postcrossing,
Enjoy many Postal moments
Love and light
Postal Chippy and Angeladonna (my real name on my birth certificate) only started using it when I joined Postcrossing. Angela Donna = Angel woman in Italian.

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