foooood in canada

poutine and friends

so besides eggs and smores, what did we eat in canada? well, to start, poutine!

what is there not to like in a dish of fries, topped with gravy and cheese curds? we liked it so much we even tried variations of it, and i can proudly say, i’ve never met a poutine i didn’t like…

… though i did meet one i couldn’t finish! :D

corn was in season during our visit, and our friend lynda taught us the proper way to eat it on the cob. goodness, sweet fresh corn is amazing! having convinced my parents to grow butternut and hokkaido squash (instead of the bland types), beetroots and spinach, i wonder if we could convince them to grow sweet corn as well…

another highlight: a proper grilled cheese sandwich with these fun lattice chips. we had them overlooking the river in a town called paris! :)

oh, and chipotle! we’ve been hearing about this chain and their tacos and burritos for years, so we were happy to finally try it out. it’s such a simple formula, but oh-so-good. what is it about mexican food that is so deeply satisfying?

cream soda is one of the boy’s favourite drinks, but it’s so hard to find on this side of the pond! so we had that too, along with root beer.

another thing we tried was kraft’s mac&cheese, which we’ve been hearing about for ages. we followed the instructions on the box, and managed to get a slimy load of carbs out of it — not bad, but for some reason, not as satisfying as i had imagined it. when talking to lynda about it, i got the impression that everyone adds their tweaks to the recipe, in order to improve it, so maybe that’s what was missing.

below is one confusing meal at a place called swiss chalet. with a name like that, we assumed it would be famous for fondue or raclette, or maybe something with sausages and potatoes? or chocolate, perhaps. but this place had none of that. instead, they’re famous for their ribs and grilled chicken! ahah. :D

goodness, chinese food! toronto gives berlin a run for their money in multiculturalism, and we basked in on it. gimme all the braised duck and soupy noodles!

also, while randomly walking around chinatown, we found one ajisen, which despite being a japanese chain, was one of our favourite places in shanghai. just the sight of their familiar mascot brings back so many memories of meals shared there. so we were super happy to go grab some ramen and ease all our longings.

aaaaand that concludes this quick tour of delicious eats in canada! but wait — what about desserts, you might ask? i’ll tell you about it on another post! :)

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