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weeknotes, 24/21

– the boy got his vaccination scheduled for next week! :D i’m supposed to be able to schedule mine tomorrow, and i can’t wait! soooo ready to do my part in order to end this pandemic already. plus, i want hugs!

– speaking of which, my parents are coming to visit next week, both also fully vaccinated and with arms wide open!

– after talking about craig‘s walking adventures in japan for ages, the boy surprised me with a special projects membership for my birthday. it has been a real treat to explore all the members-only materials, and getting even more wanderlust to go hike some pilgrimage routes in japan.

– i also got a new analogue camera, which we built from scratch on my birthday and then took for a spin. can’t wait to see what’ll come out of it!

– and this gorgeous bunch of flowers, from a friend on the other side of the world:

i feel ridiculously lucky, and loved.

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