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weeknotes, 26/21

– 50% vaccinated and feeling great! :D was sitting on the chair in the school gym that they’re using as a vaccination center here and thinking about how much the whole thing felt like waiting for the sorting hat to sort us into one of the houses of hogwarts. i ended up in “house pfizer”.

– this little blog is now running https, thanks to the boy’s never-ending patience for keeping bits of software in tune with the times.

– my phone was most definitely drowned and dead… so i got a new one — an iphone 12 mini, thank you apple for making small phones again! it came on thursday, and although it’s fun to play with new things, i’ve actually enjoyed the feeling of not having one for a few days. the only time i missed it was for reading at night — but as a result, i’ve read more real books and less fanfiction, which is always a plus.

– seeing friends and their kids after a long time. omg, sometimes you don’t know how much you miss someone until you see them again and get flooded by all the feelings!

– this week, we noticed our bamboo plant is growing shoots at an astonishing speed! i knew that bamboo grew fast, but we’re noticing a jump of 5cm from day to day, and it’s just mind-boggling. we could almost sit there and watch it grow!

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