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weeknotes 31/21

– it’s been a week of medical scares, one with the boy’s father (he tripped and hit his nose on a chair, blood everywhere), and one back here at home, with one of our friends having some acute pain that seemed a lot like appendicitis, but turned out to be a urinary tract infection… they’re both ok, thank goodness!

– by midweek, we wrapped things up in the north and drove south. after that, it’s been just catching up with our friends, petting and cuddling their dogs, playing boardgames and eating good food. the weather is still warm, but not as oppressively hot as in july, which is perfect.

– i’ve finished the anthropocene reviewed, by john green. i knew a lot of the essays already from the podcast, but it was still nice to read them in book form. i’m surprised the one about the st. peterburg’s seed potatoes didn’t make the cut — it’s the one i have the strongest memories about. next up: blockchain chicken farm by xiaowei wang, a book about high tech in rural china.

– now that the house is ours, we’re looking into installing some heating, likely in the form of a fireplace insert with ventilation. i hope it works, and that this winter will be a bit more bearable, temperature-wise. ideally, we’d be exploring taiwan by then… but i don’t think that’s going to pan out, judging by how things are going pandemic-wise. :( something for another time!

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