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weeknotes 34/21

another quiet week over here. i feel very much overwhelmed by the amount of things that still need to get done at work, but i’m also terrible at delegating… so here we are, in a perpetual state of mild distress. it’s nothing new, and i deal with it the best i can, but it still feels unsettling to not have a grip on what i want to get done.

in other news:

– really enjoying the second-hand camera our friends gifted us. i haven’t learned half of what it can do yet, and already i can get decent shots of the black-winged stilts that cry like loud squeaky toys whenever we get too close.

– speaking of birds, we’ve become the kind of people who can immediately spot something moving in our peripheral vision and, more often than not, know what bird it is. i’m not sure how this happened, but it feels like a super power!

– yesterday we were driving to a farm to grab a “too good to go” basket and thinking about the last time we had eaten meat… and we couldn’t remember when it was. our eating habits have changed over the last few months. these days, we often eat just once per day, and meat is more of a “special occasions” kind of thing. feels right to me.

– because of samuel west, we started watching all creatures great and small, and it’s been a welcome break from youtube. i hope one day we’ll be able to walk those green pastures of the british countryside.

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