weeknotes 41/21

late, late weeknotes.

– the week has been rinse and repeat. we’re still up north and our days are spent accompanying the family, running errands, making lunches and dinners of soft food, trying to keep our cool, keep work going in the in-betweens… and trying to sleep at night, despite the relentless onslaught of mosquitos in the countryside.

– did you know that pharmacies can prepare weekly medication for people who need it? we didn’t know about it until recently, but it’s a godsend of a service, especially for the elderly or those who take lots of pills. everything comes in the right box for the whole week, and you just have to follow the order. magic!

– we’ve had a francesinha! it’s been 1.5 years since we’d had it, and i think not even when we lived in china did we go so long without one. our bellies are happy and sated now.

– we’ve played azul summer pavillion with my brother and his girlfriend, and it was fun. it’s different from the original game, but in a way that makes it interesting and less predictable.

going back home next week, hurray!

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