weeknotes 46/21

so much going on this week!

– got some quotes to paint & fix the house, which felt very adulting. the last rains brought the sound of water dripping inside of the office wall though, so there’s that to fix too.
– we turned on the fireplace a couple of times this week, just because we wanted a bit of warmth and it was really nice. the logs last for ages compared to the previously opened fireplace, and the difference it makes in comfort is substantial. yay!

– i don’t play games but i watched a friend livestream his playing of life is strange, and it was both beautiful and heartbreaking. i didn’t even know games could use storytelling like this, in such a heart-wrenching way. also, i didn’t expect myself to be the kind of person who watches games being played in livestreams, but here we are.
– plus, the music used in the game is just the right combination of indie and instrumental that is perfect for work. i’ve been playing it non-stop since.
– i got myself a little fitbit, to count steps. with the treadmill and the long walks we’ve been doing, it’s kind of fun to try to see the stats at the end of the day. the new one feels much more advanced than the old one i had, and gives all kind of fancy scores, that i still have to explore.
– we also did a big walk… but i’ll tell you about it in another post. :)

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