one second everyday

weeknotes 48/21

– a couple of collared doves have been showing up around breakfast time. it’s nice to see them come back everyday.

– read about the world’s deadliest thing, which was not what i expected. this quote stuck with me:

The lethal dose when consumed orally is around 30 billionths of a gram, which if you want a relatable comparison, is about the same as if you cut a single poppy seed into ten thousand equal pieces and ate one of them. It is an amount so tiny, it really doesn’t make sense.

– dani spent a lazy week of catching up with sleep, books and movies, and it was all going well… until i washed the bathroom with disinfectant and she had a nasty allergic reaction to it. :( one trip to the hospital later and she’s doing a little better, the poor kitten.

– a friend who’s moving to portugal stayed over for a couple of days, so december has been unexpectedly busy with guests. we’ve had meals together and played games — even managed to win at pandemic, for once!

– finished reading “ready, player one” at last, dove into “factory girls“, another china-themed book.

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