weeknotes 51/21

– christmas at last! we spent it with my parents & brother and the boy and his parents, in a bubble of 7 with lots of covid tests. we might not have seen as many relatives as we normally would, but codfish and sweets were consumed, and lots of presents were unwrapped. :)

– i got the beautiful kissa by kissa book, a guide book to taiwan (forever on our bucket list), fluffy peanuts-themed loungewear, and a bunch of yellow ffp2 masks! i had bemoaned the fact that there weren’t any yellow masks in pharmacies, and santa went out of its way to find some for me — they look like a bird’s beak and i love it! :D

– like a weird alien structure, the tallest christmas tree in the country landed in the town where my parents live. it’s 55 meters high and defies description.

– the sunset at my grandma’s place. despite the threatening weather, it didn’t rain that much over christmas, which was a small miracle in itself.

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